Brioni’s debonair return to form

The Italian brand’s latest offerings show it’s back on track

After some recent – and somewhat confusing – forays into the outré, Brioni is back doing what it does best: creating refined clothes for men who want to look elegant rather than make a fashion statement. Quietly accomplished pieces include a cotton/cashmere suit (£4,500) and a double-breasted Japanese-gabardine blazer (£4,300) that demonstrates the brand’s core values of combining both exquisite tailoring fabrics and manufacturing. Wardrobe staples are reworked beautifully, such as a streamlined Japanese-silk trench coat (£3,400) and finely patterned cotton shirts (£440) with cashmere/silk ties (£180). A matching camel coat (£4,200) and scarf (£350) are particularly debonair.


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