Katharine Hamnett reprises iconic pieces for new collection

An array of brace trousers pay tribute to the label's seminal back-catalogue pieces

Katharine Hamnett cotton drill trousers, £275
Katharine Hamnett cotton drill trousers, £275 | Image: Liberty London

I had a flashback to 1985 while trying on Katharine Hamnett’s moleskin Brace pegged trousers (£265). Her voluminous, pleated, carrot-shaped trousers were easily the best bottoms I owned that decade, and she has reprised them in a new collection that includes other seminal back-catalogue pieces as well. Organic cotton drill versions (£275) in white, khaki (pictured right) and sand are great for summer (moleskin is better for autumn). The distinct shape – two wide pleats, narrow cuffed bottom – hasn’t changed a bit. Also from the archive comes the Ace trousers (about £300), with the brace back, but cut wide all the way down; and the Ruperts (about £236), with narrow straight legs and one pleat, which are more conventional.


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