Pierre Corthay jazzes up his shoes

New bi-material designs that look to musical greats

Corthay calfskin Vendôme shoes, £1,265
Corthay calfskin Vendôme shoes, £1,265 | Image: Corthay

Pierre Corthay is mainly known for shoemaking and for his signature lean, elegant lasts – but he also plays a wicked jazz guitar. This season he’s taken inspiration from his heroes Lester Young, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis: a trifecta he describes as the “super-classe”.


“I love bi-material shoes and a mood inspired by the street and cabaret,” Corthay says of his Lester Oxfords (£1,255) and Vendômes (£1,265), both available in black/bronze and other colourways. If those are a bit too jazz-hands, consider the Gordon (£1,265) in black with dark‑brown heel and upper.

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