Pyjama shirts too good to wear in bed

These vintage-inspired tops by Louis Vuitton tap into a big menswear trend

I am smitten by the silk pyjama shirts (£1,390) Louis Vuitton sent trooping down the runway; with their graphically collaged house patterns and period illustrations, they were like composite advertising hoardings from the 1930s. Pyjama style is currently a big menswear trend, and these versions, in subtle colour schemes (styled with relaxed pleated trousers or track pants and white sneakers) demonstrated how to mix that trend into a street-style ensemble. La Promenade has the house’s Damier chequerboard and LV Monogram spliced diagonally by accessory illustrations – the check motif also recurring in Les Livraisons. Vuitton’s roots in luxury travel are explored with Nouvel Horizon, which features 1930s biplanes, and Dans La Voiture, with art deco limousines creeping across a vintage vista. Stunning prints, far too voguish to reserve for bed.


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