Confessions of a body-oil obsessive

Another product vies for the affections of a body-oil geek

If I were ever to appear on the beauty world equivalent of Mastermind, my specialist subject would be body oils. I am obsessed by them. Not only do they hydrate the skin much more effectively than body creams, they usually contain fewer preservatives, colourants and other chemicals.


But what I really love about them is that, depending on the type of oil and the ingredients used – and I’m afraid I’m a bit of a geek on this subject – they often have therapeutic as well as hydrating qualities. Among the oils on my bathroom shelf at the moment is a Melvita Satin-Effect Dry Oil (£19), which contains evening primrose and borage oils (said to have skin-firming properties), the last precious drops of Jo Malone’s now sadly discontinued Vitamin E Oil (which I loved for its fragrance as well as its hydrating properties) and a bottle of Vrai Argan Oil (£25, 125ml) – until now my absolute favourite, since it is brilliant for dry, scarred or sun-damaged skin and is the most hydrating of all. In Morocco, argan oil is used for medicinal purposes and is believed to be good for the joints.


But the Vrai now has a rival for my affections in the form of Weleda’s new Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil (£19.95, 100ml), a blend of organic oils including pomegranate seed oil. It’s perfectly pitched so that it’s neither too greasy nor too dry, hydrates the skin marvellously and has a really uplifting citrus-based scent. And the pomegranate seed oil has those vital therapeutic qualities, being a powerful anti-oxidant which helps skin renewal.

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