A convincing case for an iPhone 5

Jonathan Margolis’s quest for the perfect protective cover is finally over

While I am punctilious about keeping my MacBooks protected (hard shell cases by InCase – www.goincase.com – being my favourite for functionalism, Pipetto – www.pipetto.co.uk – for quirky design), I am not so keen on iPhone cases.

Before the iPhone 5 came out, I normally went commando (iPhone-wise) and chose not to use any case at all. There was, excuse the pun, a case for this, too: earlier iPhones were reasonably rugged, looked pretty good au naturel and could be held firmly.

The iPhone 5, however – as well as being the slenderest, winsome-est smartphone money can buy – is quite easily bruised and scratched. Now you may or may not care about marking the 5’s slightly too-delicate bodywork – a phone is, after all, a workhorse for most of us, not a piece of jewellery – but, as I mentioned in my Technopolis TV video when the handset came out, it is so slim that it feels almost a little too slight in the hand, as well as being a little sharp to hold.


So the iPhone 5 can benefit, in my view, not only with a modicum of protection, but with fattening up a little, so it’s just fractionally meatier in the hand.

The problem is that there are thousands of iPhone cases out there, and a large proportion of them are horrible. The chic ones – Pipetto’s and Capulet’s (www.capuletlondon.com) for example – are a bit young and feminine for me, and don’t suit the way I use phones.

I like a quick-draw action, while girls, used to fishing about in their handbags for stuff, don’t seem to mind first taking a phone out of a sleeve and then doing whatever it is they have to do.


The search for a functional, attractive quality, open-style, quick-draw case for my iPhone 5 has ended, however, thanks to another excellent British company whose bags I use all the time – Knomo. Its moulded case in burnt ocre (£35) is just right for me and has already garnered admiring enquiries when I have used it in public. The phone snaps into it easily and precisely, and its mottled leather (also available in black with green trim) makes holding the phone an absolute pleasure. The pleasing shape also protects the bits that might wear down, and in case of a drop it would, I think, prevent any major trauma.

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