Revitalise hair with Sacred Locks Vitox Highlight Brightener

A detoxifying hair treatment that shines

One might think that after spending half a day – and several hundred pounds – at the hairdresser having one’s hair highlighted, the colour would take care of itself until the next time the roots push through. For me this is simply not the case; maybe it’s because I live in central London, with its high pollution levels and hard water full of lime, but the colour goes from sun-kissed to brassy orange within six weeks. It’s not the colourist’s fault (I’ve tried them all), it’s just my hair.


Many years ago I was kvetching over this when a colleague told me about the Daniel Galvin “detox” treatment that recalibrated hair colour. It was brilliant; this was the product that a women’s magazine would describe as my “desert island must-have” (over a dinghy, seriously?).  So, naturally, it was discontinued.  


However, Galvin, the father of modern-day hair colouring, is also the father of colourist Louise Galvin. When she launched her all-natural Sacred Locks haircare range (pictured) about a decade ago Daniel passed on the detox formula to his daughter and she adapted it to create the Vitox Highlight Brightener (£25 for three treatments), which like all of her products is free from silicone, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens and synthetic polymers. I snapped it up and now use it every month. What you do is mix a powder and liquid, which turn into a mousse, and whack it on damp hair for three minutes (although you can leave it on longer for a deeper cleanse). Next, you use the range’s shampoo (from £22 for 300ml) and conditioner (from £24 for 300ml), and the colour has its shiny sparkle back. The formula is full of vitamins – like Berocca for your hair – and it lifts out product build-up and pollution. I’m not only sold, I’m also stocking up. It’s unlikely that it will ever be discontinued, because the range is selling stormingly well, but I’m not risking that brassy tinge ever again.

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