Mark C O’Flaherty

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Bespoke tableware

Many of the world’s most creative chefs commission customised tableware for their award-winning restaurants. Now, diners can order the same designs for their own homes, says Mark C O’Flaherty


Exotic finds from far-flung lands keep this vintage-inspired apothecary brimming with original scents and beauty staples

The best new hats for men

Hats with a splash of colour, hint of humour or rock ’n’ roll swagger are introducing fashion-forward hatmakers to a new clientele. Mark C O’Flaherty reports

The new black tie

Formal needn’t mean fusty, says Mark C O’Flaherty, as designers embrace new expressions of black tie, from dashingly nuanced to daringly individual

Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec

Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec’s reputation for elevating simple products to new levels of sophistication is now seeing niche projects segue into state-of-the-art collaborations with global clout. Mark C O’Flaherty reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi

Suede’s reinvention

Refined reworkings of suede have given the material a hip new edge, enhanced by a confident use of colour, says Mark C O’Flaherty

Curatorial menswear stores

In the hunt for under-the-radar, offline menswear brands, the style cognoscenti are turning to highly curated stores run by idiosyncratic sartorial visionaries, says Mark C O’Flaherty