Lydia Bell


Cuba’s travel revolution

With sanctions lifting, a handful of enterprising travel fixers are paving a more nuanced and sophisticated path to Cuban life beyond the Cadillacs, salsa and cigar factories. Lydia Bell reports

A long weekend in… Sydney

With its ravishing natural beauty now complemented by forward-thinking chefs and a clutch of idiosyncratic hotels, the harbour-side city is having a moment, says Lydia Bell

Dancing to a brand new beat

Ibiza is quietly developing a reputation for refined sophistication – and attracting a new type of clientele seeking grown-up glamour. Lydia Bell reports on how the island is shaking off its hedonistic image

21st century BC

Helicopters and log-cabin spas are taming the wilderness of British Columbia. Lydia Bell leaves the grizzlies to their salmon to ride, hike, kayak, fish and whale-watch in this pristine, elemental playground

Buena re-vista

As Cuba opens up to high-end development and private initiatives, enterprising travel operators are offering exclusive new perspectives on the island’s culture