Lucia van der Post


Sultan of design

Maltese designer Francis Sultana has been a secret of the art‑world cognoscenti for nearly a decade. But with the release of his third furniture collection, his baroque-meets-pop art style is making grand statements in an ever-widening circle of homes. Lucia van der Post reports. Portraits by Richard Grassie

Swell tresses

A nutrient-infused hair wonder that comes in three luxurious products
Home Accessories

The empires strike back

The grand old marques of porcelain, crystal and silver are ushering in a bright new era of design. It’s daring and, at times, downright fun, says Lucia van der Post

A bag less carried

As a desire for refined handbags takes hold, niche names, old and new, are quickening the pulses of the style cognoscenti, says Lucia van der Post