Lucia van der Post


Cambodia’s paths less travelled

Beyond the buzz of Siem Reap and the well-trod temples of Angkor, there’s another Cambodia altogether. Lucia van der Post heads south to new island resorts and a jungle camp with conservation and style at its heart

The other-worldly couture of Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen’s ethereal creations are winning the cerebral designer a devoted international following and a place in the pantheon of radical couturiers. Lucia van der Post reports. Portrait by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Incense perfumes with mystical allure

Niche perfumers are embracing the spiritual resonance of incense to conjure smouldering fragrances of otherworldly beauty. Lucia van der Post reports. Photography by Omer Knaz

A haunting photographic record of African rituals

For their powerful new book, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher spent more than a decade photographing the sacred – and rapidly vanishing – rituals among traditional African societies. Lucia van der Post immerses herself

The renaissance of haute couture

A compelling coterie of designers is expanding the circle of couture houses, reimagining the genre for the modern age and appealing to a new generation of clients. Lucia van der Post reports