Lucia van der Post


A haunting photographic record of African rituals

For their powerful new book, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher spent more than a decade photographing the sacred – and rapidly vanishing – rituals among traditional African societies. Lucia van der Post immerses herself

The renaissance of haute couture

A compelling coterie of designers is expanding the circle of couture houses, reimagining the genre for the modern age and appealing to a new generation of clients. Lucia van der Post reports

Scents with a powerful sense of place

As both men and women seek ever-more personal and adventurous fragrances, perfumers are opening up a whole new world of niche “escapist” scents. Lucia van der Post reports on the new rules of attraction

Secret Turin’s artistic glories

Beyond Turin’s well-trodden ways is a secret city of private art treasures, matchless interiors and ravishing gardens. You just need the right people to open the right doors, says Lucia van der Post