Lucia van der Post

Personal Luxuries

Silver beakers

Elegant, eloquent and highly original riffs on the traditional silver beaker are inspiring designer-makers and gift givers alike, says Lucia van der Post

New ways with Murano glass

There was a time when Murano glass was synonymous with Europe’s most sumptuous palaces. Can a new generation of glassmakers reclaim its reputation for technical and creative innovation? Lucia van der Post reports
Personal Luxuries

New ways to buy perfume

Niche perfumers are finding new ways of engaging scent lovers, drawing them into the creative process or pairing the perfume to the personality. Lucia van der Post reports

The best new knitwear

Knitwear that uses 3D printing kicks the cosy cliché to the curb – and that’s just the start, says Lucia van der Post

A long weekend in… Johannesburg

South Africa’s biggest metropolis is finally putting a truly metropolitan face forward – with cutting-edge art spaces, directional cuisine and a crop of diverse, world-class hotels, says Lucia van der Post
Women's Watches

Embroidered watches

Haute horlogerie is exploring the decorative potential of embroidered watch dials, drawing inspiration from lavish lacework for handcrafted limited-edition embellishments. Lucia van der Post reports

New avant-garde marquetry masters

Cutting-edge furniture designers and artists are reinvigorating marquetry with ravishing new riffs on traditional techniques, materials and patterns. Lucia van der Post reports