Lee Marshall


Castello di Ama

Chianti’s Castello di Ama side-steps coffee-table-book clichés in favour of the real Tuscany. Lee Marshall savours its elegantly eclectic spirit as its owners open up rooms in the 18th-century villas for paying guests

A long weekend in… Venice

The city’s age-old traditions now share a stage with one of the most electric contemporary art scenes in Europe, and there are plenty of sweet spots where the two weave delightfully, says Lee Marshall

A long weekend in… Bordeaux

Adventurous cuisine and aristocratic architecture make this southern French city as intoxicating as the wines it is known for, says Lee Marshall

Riccardo Barthel

In Florence’s bohemian Oltrarno district, an Italian institution is keeping traditional craft skills alive with stylish, shabby-chic pieces.

Andrea Illy’s dining boltholes

The chairman and CEO of Illycaffè is the grandson of the premier coffee brand’s founder, Francesco. The Trieste company has 200 coffee bars globally and opened over 30 in 2011.

A long weekend in… Syracuse

Founded 2,700 years ago by the ancient Greeks, this baroque beauty is riding Sicily’s popularity wave with chic new inns and creative cuisine. Lee Marshall reports.

A long weekend in… Capri

La Dolce Vita is alive and well amid the rocky slopes and azure waters of this enchanting southern Italian island. You just have to know your way in, says Lee Marshall.