Katrina Burroughs


Suzanne Sharp’s west London

The co-founder of The Rug Company translates designs by the likes of Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood into hand-knotted Tibetan-wool rugs and has 22 shops worldwide

Shagreen furniture

Classical designs, whether art deco or 1970s, exude an exotic opulence when clad in this tactile finish, says Katrina Burroughs
Interior Design

Hidden depths

From London town houses to Swiss chalets, swimming pools are now performing the ultimate disappearing act – and transforming into cinemas and ballrooms at the push of a button. Katrina Burroughs dives in

Magical carpets

Little-known gem Larta is a mini souk that’s a hit with collectors

The line of beauty

Shelves are no longer the support act. Now they are sculptural works of art in their own right. Katrina Burroughs reports

Middle Kingdom, high design

Long a manufacturing powerhouse, China is now emerging as a creative hub for a new generation of designers, who are pioneering cutting-edge trends in luxury interiors, says Katrina Burroughs

Cinema paradiso

Designers are colluding with audio-visual specialists to produce alluring remakes of the old-school home screening room: opulent, light-infused spaces loaded with hidden high-spec kit. Katrina Burroughs reports

Tribal baskets

Fluid shapes and geometric patterns transform 19th and early-20th century African and Native American basketry into works of art

The real dealers

Homeowners are turning to specialist dealer-decorators who not only source stellar antiques but conjure them into modern homescapes. Katrina Burroughs reports.
Home Accessories

Nouvelle vase

From fabulous fine art to stylish functionality, the vases by a new generation of glassmakers outshine their cut-crystal precursors, says Katrina Burroughs.
Home Accessories

Glaze of glory

Quietly luxurious, exceptionally pure in form, celadon ceramics have been seized on by young designers who are making the glaze and aesthetic their own, says Katrina Burroughs.