Kasia Maciejowska


A collection of archaeology-inspired design

Sculptural pieces with classical elements bring a familiar ambience to the homes of a Greek financier — with a bit of guidance from an Athenian gallerist, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Bill Georgoussis

Collecting emerging street art

A young London collector is assembling a cache of punchy street art with the help of a second-generation gallerist, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Rick Pushinsky

A soulful collection of Italian design

A Beirut-based property developer and a cult Milanese gallerist are building a multifaceted collection of modernist design with soul. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Valentina Sommariva

Postcards from Emin and friends

The bad girl of British art curates an exhibition of female artists at Frieze to celebrate a century of female political empowerment – with postcard-sized works going on sale in a secret auction

An inspirational collection of architect-designed furniture

The purchase of a cult Prouvé house proved pivotal to a property developer’s collection of midcentury modern design, which was built on years of passionate conversation with a gallerist friend. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi

Natalia Miyar’s perfect weekend in Havana

The Cuban-American designer – who has her atelier in London – designs charismatic interiors inspired by her island roots. Recently, she co-curated a striking exhibition of British craft in Miami

Exquisitely crafted contemporary woodwork

With the help of a sought-after London gallerist, this venture capitalist has filled his home with an exquisite collection of wooden sculpture, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Andy Sewell