James Henderson


A ski tour challenge in Norway

One man’s miraculous tale of survival during the second world war inspired James Henderson to retrace a hazardous escape route through the dauntingly remote mountains of northern Norway 

Exploring from Colombia to Panama

Travelling from Colombia to Panama with a top adventure-travel outfitter, James Henderson recces a new itinerary. Photographs by Richard Dunwoody

Dalsland Canoe Marathon+

In a physically brutal, psychologically gruelling test of endurance, James Henderson kayaks 55km through Sweden’s lakes – only to track the course again by bike… for fun

Turning back the gears

A 75km ride over rough Tuscan terrain, with a 1960s bike, prewar goggles, a spare tyre wrapped around the chest... James Henderson signs up for L’Eroica, the challenging frontrunner in a fast-expanding line-up of retro cycle races

Port of cool

Two easy-chic hotels and some well-judged backing from local VIPs are seeing the once-glamorous Port Antonio region of Jamaica enjoy a rocking renaissance, says James Henderson

Hiking in Martinique

Braving tropical storms and dense, teeming forests, James Henderson treks one of the island’s treacherous century-old trade paths

The winter Macnab

James Henderson takes up Buchan’s hunting challenge and roams moorland, rivers and seas for hind, woodcock and a single scallop

Kayaking in the Aegean

Following in the paddle strokes of second world war canoe heroes, James Henderson aims for Leros island – albeit with rather less stealth.

A Tasmanian devil

A five-day, 350km all-terrain adventure race devised by Formula One driver Mark Webber in Australia’s island state is the epitome of extreme. Is James Henderson up to the challenge?

A long weekend in… Hobart

The diminutive Tasmanian capital plays host to new cultural landmarks, inspirational art and charming streets – with more than a hint of English influence, says James Henderson.

Cape Town cycle tour

Racing over 100km around Table Mountain in the heat – and wearing super-tight Lycra – James Henderson pedals furiously after his youth.