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Variety is the spice of life

India’s food is considered the most exciting in the world – the country produces 70 per cent of the world’s spices, and every village offers its own unique cuisine

Exploring sublime landscapes on foot

From high-altitude lakes to ghostly glaciers and monasteries perched on monumental rocks, seeing the world on foot has therapeutic qualities way beyond the physical, says Charlotte Sinclair

A new window on Calcutta

Glorious change is afoot in West Bengal as a new urban boutique hotel and a restored rural palace redefine sojourns in the former centre of the Raj. Stanley Stewart takes in the theatre of Calcutta’s city streets before heading out to the magnificent Rajbari Bawali

Cross-border travel to far-flung lands

A small coterie of top-end travel outfitters are making it their business to expedite cross-border travel. Sophy Roberts journeys along remote routes and gains authentic insights into both the everyday and other worlds