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A beginner’s guide to classical music

Unlock a world of classical music with streaming app IDAGIO

IDAGIO Streaming reinvented for classical music
IDAGIO Streaming reinvented for classical music

Would you like to get into classical music but don’t know where to start? New classical music app IDAGIO will guide you through the genre and show you all that classical music has to offer. Follow these eight steps and turn listening to classical music into a healthy routine.

1. Allow yourself to be an absolute beginner

We tend to think that we need to know something about classical music to be able to listen to it, but we rhythmically nod our heads to unknown artists on the radio every day. Similarly, you don’t have to know who wrote Für Elise or what time period the classical period covers to enjoy its sound (the answers are Beethoven and roughly from 1730 to 1820, in case you were wondering). Former music manager Till Janczukowicz recognises that “classical music’s reputation of being complicated has been installed by the upper classes” to preserve an artificial privilege. So he founded the classical music app IDAGIO to finally open up the genre to everyone. Enter classical music with an open mind and simply allow yourself to be a beginner.

2. Stream instead of buying CDs

In the era of digital, everything becomes more accessible and so does classical music. IDAGIO was custom-designed for the genre, bringing you CD-quality audio (lossless FLAC), exclusive recordings, and playlists curated by world-renowned orchestras and musicians. You don’t need to buy pricey CDs any more, because IDAGIO’s comprehensive catalogue grows by 20,000 new tracks every week – an incredible deal for an app that costs less than a CD per month. Unlike pop music, classical pieces can’t be categorised or streamed by artists and albums. Till Janczukowicz explains the problem: “Herbert von Karajan conducts a Verdi opera and Maria Callas sings. So who’s the artist: Karajan, Callas or Verdi? Two out of three won’t show up.” IDAGIO has its own data system, reflecting these specifics. That way, you’ll learn naturally that Giuseppe Verdi composed 25 operas during the romantic period, that Maria Callas marvelled as Violetta in his La Traviata, or that Herbert von Karajan worked at the Berlin Philharmonics for 35 years and is considered one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century.

3. Enjoy the silence, listen actively

Enjoy the silence for a moment to appreciate the music properly. Then turn on the music and just focus on what you hear. Actively listening to classical music can have a huge meditative effect and enhance your mood. Classical music can be your reset button that frees your mind after a stressful day. You can listen to IDAGIO’s exclusive recordings anywhere at any time. We recommend you close your eyes, shut out your surroundings and allow yourself to really feel where the music takes you. It can be a very intimate and liberating experience, letting Mozart or Strauss guide you to your inner self – without any ads disturbing your mindful streaming flow.


4. Use your mood to get started

What mood are you in? Are you sad, angry or maybe passionate? Here, too, the IDAGIO app can help. It has an integrated Mood player that provides the soundtrack to a range of feelings. Once you hear a tune you like, you can save it, so that you can find similar pieces; if it is a piece by Sergei Rachmaninoff you might want to continue with Russian musicians or other composers of the romantic period. Discover at your own pace to define your taste.

5. Find your personal connection

Maybe you are fascinated by Beethoven’s supposed madness and the “Da Da Da Dum” of his 5th symphony? Or you’ve always enjoyed a subtle harpsichord in the background of romantic meals? Then you could dive into baroque music and might enjoy composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi or Friedrich Händel. If you are more of a dramatic personality, you might find the romantic period fitting. You don’t have to start with Richard Wagner straight away, but might find that even he isn’t as heavy as people would have you believe. Classical music’s repertoire is so vast that you are guaranteed to find something that resonates with you. And then, the music flow will literally stream.

6. Let IDAGIO guide you further

If actively exploring feels too overwhelming, you can let IDAGIO help you. In the Listen & Explore section you will discover the pop stars of classical music, like 19th-century Niccolò Paganini who drove the crowds wild with the unprecedented virtuosity of his violin playing, or pianist Franz Liszt who was celebrated by his many female fans in salons across Europe. Even founder Till Janczukowicz discovers something new every day: “If I pay a flat rate, I consume music as if at an all-you-can-eat buffet.” And with an all-you-can-hear streaming service, you might even get more relaxed, sleep deeper or feel more productive – all benefits that have been attributed to the consumption of classical music.

7. Go to a live performance

Like all music, classical, too, is an entirely different experience enjoyed live and will bring the music even closer to you – not to mention that a trip to the concert hall is a treat in itself. Formal dress codes have been abandoned and London’s Royal Opera House recently even lifted the century-old ban on drinks in the auditorium. Whether you enhance your daily routine with classical live performances or digital streaming, you are investing in the luxury of your day to day.

8. Don’t give up

Don’t believe that classical music is too complicated, or for an older generation, or only the upper classes. If in doubt, allow classical music’s superstars to inspire you: Beethoven continued to compose after he was repeatedly called insane, and Maria Callas carried on, even though she was booed at every single performance at the Metropolitan Opera House. They were people like you and me, and that’s who they made music for. 

With our offer in FT, all new IDAGIO users receive two months free when they subscribe. IDAGIO offers unrestricted access to the full catalogue of over two million licensed tracks – guaranteed in high-quality sound. For those discovering classical, it’s like having a knowledgeable friend recommending music they know you will like. Available for iOS and Android, IDAGIO is the app classical fans have been waiting for.


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