Nada Debs coasters

Middle Eastern themes in a modern fusion of resin and brass

I first encountered the work of Nada Debs about four years ago at a then-new showroom in New York’s Flatiron district called Mondo Collection, which represents designers from countries such as Bosnia, Syria and Lebanon.

Her furniture immediately resonated with me; my father was from Palestine, and I was raised in a home with a smattering of traditional Middle Eastern wood-and-pearl-inlaid furniture and accessories. Debs (who was born in Lebanon, but grew up in Japan and studied interior architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design) takes elements of those designs – the geometric shapes and repeating patterns – but uses them in ways that seem fresh and new.


Her larger pieces, for which I didn’t have room, include the striking Strand Console ($7,500), laser-cut with those intriguing interlinking patterns, and the checkerboard Patchwork coffee table ($11,500), which contrasts plain walnut panels with ones intricately inlaid with resin and mother-of-pearl. I did, however, buy a set of six coasters ($385) in clear resin set with brass or silver-metal pieces. I still love them, and they continue to look fantastic years later.

These days I’ve got my eye on her Single cabinet ($6,000), which is an inlaid square box set on tall legs that would make a perfect bar/liquor cabinet, and the C Resin side table ($2,500). This curvaceous multipurpose design has a clear resin and brass inlay design.


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