Luxury quilts with minimalist flair: Louise Gray

Future heirlooms with art-world panache

Louise Gray is a Minneapolis-based textile firm whose artisanal cotton quilts exude the potential to become future heirlooms – and now they can be found online.

The brainchild of Alexandra Gray Bennett and Jocelin Johnson, the company produces a line of six colour-block batting-filled quilts (137cm x 183cm), with new editions being introduced as inspiration strikes. The pair channel their backgrounds in art and creative direction – as well as a strong family heritage of quilt-making – to come up with the covers, each of which has a name as straightforward as its muted Josef Albers-inspired design. Quilt No 1 ($425) is a study in black and white contrasts, with a pop of tan. Quilt No 2 ($395, second picture) features strong geometric patterns in shades of seafoam and pale blue, with a hint of black embroidery, while the navy, peach and taupe Quilt No 3 ($410) is perhaps the most striking bedspread in the launch collection. My favourite, however, is the Scandinavian aesthetic of quilt No 5 ($410, first picture), where juxtapositions of sand, blush pink and tangerine create a piece that’s a work of art in itself.


The common thread – so to speak – throughout the minimalist, Minnesota-made range is a commitment to quality materials, clean lines that work well with today’s interiors, and the preservation of a dying storytelling craft. Consider this investment bedding…


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