Anna Karlin: witty and chic interior design

Furniture and homewares with strikingly simple appeal

British-born, New York-based designer Anna Karlin’s website will make you smile. Her furniture and homewares marry pared-back chic with a warmth and wit that makes them wonderfully striking, but never shoutily look-at-me.

Most of the e-shop is devoted to furniture, particularly seating. Among the standouts are the hand-carved black maple W chairs ($4,000 each, first picture) that play on the classic Windsor style; and the Milk Sling chair ($10,200) and matching day bed ($10,500) hewn from black maple, leather and bold Japanese textiles. Cold-rolled steel and brass chess stools with a hand-rubbed patina ($1,895 each, third picture) are made to order in the shopper’s choice of height and finish (metallic, parchment or wood).


Glassware resembling lab vessels are perhaps Karlin’s most unusual pieces. Water carafes ($330 each) in matte beige, rose and azure are as functional as they are objets d’art, while her brass-stoppered Juliet vases ($320 each, second picture) would bring an elegant theatricality to the kitchen or bathroom.

Sculptural pendant lights have a calming harmony: a brushed-brass cone and a white glass orb balance at either end of the Short Plumb ($3,500) and Arc ($5,500) lights. The Sun Shade lamp sconce ($7,200) allows its reflective disc to be swivelled, while the Hoop & Stick table lamp ($3,985, fourth picture) is an ultra-chic internally-illuminated ring.

Last but not least come Karlin’s objects: solid bronze ornaments in the shape of arrowheads, talons and bones ($360 for a set of four); and a series of geometric wall hangers ($600 for three, fifth picture) with a slightly 1960s retro vibe.

Larger pieces are mostly made to order, but well worth the four to 10-week wait.


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