Feathr.com: artist-designed wallpaper

A superior source for wall coverings with ’art

E-store Feathr.com’s mission is “more art, less decoration” – a bold statement given it sells wallpaper. But according to its founders – Berlin-based Anne and Tom Puukko and creative director Oli Green (who lives in Bali) – decoration is just something that “matches the carpet”, and none of the 70-plus papers in their inaugural collection is likely to do that.


Launched last year, the first collection used digital crowdsourcing and crowd curation; rather than simply commissioning a collection of papers, the trio invited artists to respond to a challenge to design wallpaper that is also art. The Feathr.com community then voted on the ones they thought best and the collection was born.

Left to let their imaginations run wild, the results (each digitally printed to order on tactile 150g non-woven paper and priced at €89 per m for 10m) vary wildly, from Finnish designer Teija Vartiainen’s contemporary soft pastel take on Venetian marbling (Pastel Powder, second picture) and artist Russell Marshall’s exploration of the ephemera of celebrity life – using an image of the cheque Elvis cashed when he bought a Colt pistol (Marshall01, third picture) to Liam Sparkes’ paper (Tattoo Flash 1, fourth picture) peppered with the beautifully brutal tattoos that have earned him a cult following in the UK.Picking up the most votes was Japanese textile designer Aoi Yoshizawa’s Plato (first picture), featuring bold paint strokes.


Feathr.com may not be the first wallpaper shop to appear on the web, but it is one of the most interesting.

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