Vetro Vero glass artisans

An American duo specialising in made-to-order chalices with flair

Bespoke glass goblets with dramatic flair are the speciality of Pennsylvania-based artisans Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck of Vetro Vero. The duo has over 25 years of glassblowing experience, but launched their collaborative studio five years ago, supplying private residences from Milan to Monaco and restaurants from Seattle to Denver – and now their reach extends to Japan’s Toyama Glass Museum (opening this August).

“One of the first questions we ask,” says Gluck, “is whether the client wants a whimsical mixture of unique styles as decorative pieces, or a more traditional, matching stemware service. From there, we discuss colours, contours for the cups, profiles for the stems, textures and embellishments, such as handles and wraps.”  


“A goblet’s cup, stem and foot are individually blown and hand shaped without using moulds,” she continues. “For the foot, for example, components are assembled using hot glass, then swept into shape with a wooden paddle and metal blades. Fire-polishing softens any sharp edges before slow cooling.” A custom set of eight goblets can be completed within six to eight weeks and ranges from $2,400-$3,600 depending on the colour and complexity of the series.

No two commissions are identical and recent requests have ranged from a huge, 30in lidded display vessel atop a gold-leafed, glassblown stem sculpted into a dragon, to a 12-place set of matching champagne flutes, red and white wine, water and martini glasses.


Perfect for a stunning gift, a unique addition to a wedding list or just to add a certain zing to cocktail hour.

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