Handmade, delightfully girly pottery

Gorgeous, functional pieces from a budding British talent

If you have a penchant for collecting decorative eggs, as I do – sad, perhaps, at having too urban an existence to see real ones – you’ll find the absolutely beautiful, turquoise egg made by Miranda Berrow, the sister of my greatest friend, irresistible. Her work is both ethereal and tactile – shouting out to be held, touched and stroked. It is fine and feminine, too, in bold colours and often with flirty bows and handles; and although she believes that pieces should be functional, her teapots, bowls and espresso cups can all just as ably be a jewel on a shelf as a centrepiece on a table.

Each item is coil-built to produce what Berrow describes as a more “liberated, organic, uninhibited, fine vessel – a unique piece with character”. It is true that they have a random, handmade look, which is what she loves best. She uses white earthenware and creates her own stamps and seals from lace, jewellery, seals and string. Most of the cups have a little “tong” or “dot” on which to rest your thumb so that drinking is a more comfortable experience. But I’d say it is the handles – often works of art in themselves – that are her trademark.


Berrow tends to work by putting a collection of 20 or 30 pieces together and then exhibiting them; her collections can be seen at Strummer Pink in Beaminster, Dorset and three times a year at The Blanchard Collective near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Given that she makes all the pieces herself, rather than employ a potter, her prices are incredibly reasonable – £90 for my favourite turquoise egg, for instance, which, of course, doubles as a sugar bowl. But more than that, I believe you should get in now, before she gets the fame she deserves.


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