Specs that don’t make a spectacle of themselves

The discreet charm of Beausoleil glasses

As someone who loses their glasses at least once, often twice a year, I consider myself an expert in the field, and specifically the struggle to find a pair of specs that don’t come with a giant logo plastered across the sides. Fortunately, for those of us who don’t want to turn ourselves into a walking billboard for a designer label, there is Frédéric Beausoleil.


I was first introduced to this luxe but understated French brand more than a decade ago by Sheel Davison-Lungley, owner of the optician EB Meyrowitz just off Bond Street in London. Using her expert eye, she picked out a frame – an unusual purple-brown colour with a hint of iridescence around the edges – that became the most flattering pair of glasses I’ve ever owned. Sadly (and gallingly, given how much they cost), I subsequently left them on a Eurostar train. I’ve owned at least half a dozen pairs of Beausoleil specs since then; I get mine at the flagship boutique in le Marais, Paris, as EB Meyrowitz no longer stocks the brand (although there are still some UK stockists, such as The Eye Company in London).


They’re a little more expensive than your usual designer frames – prices for frames range from €215 to €300 – but they are worth the outlay for the flattering shapes, beautiful colours and unusual, subtle detailing. Frédéric Beausoleil is known for his innovative use of textures and materials. But the very best thing about Beausoleil is that the logo usually remains firmly out of sight, hidden on the inside of the frame.

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