Handmade scented candles by Rachel Vosper

The candlemaker also runs courses and advises on candle etiquette

Rachel Vosper
Rachel Vosper | Image: Alun Callender

No, not another scented-candle brand, I hear you say. But take it from me, Rachel Vosper’s cute little shop in Knightsbridge’s Kinnerton Mews is special. The candles are handmade on the premises from beeswax and come in a range of 14 lovely scents, of which the Rosemary & Mint, Sweet Fig (divine in summer), French Lavender (soothing in the bedroom) and Spiced Amber (gorgeous in winter) are my favourites, though the Choisya (Mexican orange blossom) is the most popular. In plain or smoky‑grey glass jars they cost £36 for a two-wick version and £65 for a three-wick.

But Vosper does more than sell ready-made candles. She will, for instance, fill your own favourite vessels with scented wax. “People come in with soup tureens, huge glass vases – you name it, we’ve been asked to fill it.” For these, she charges by the gram (from £24 for 200g to £60 for a kilo).


She is also a dab hand at recreating fragrances – when I complained that I could no longer light a delicious candle I was given because one of its wicks was buried in the wax, she offered to remake the scent for me.

The candle etiquette part of her website is well worth reading – never, she says, burn a candle for less than an hour (that’s how you get dips around the wick) or for more than four hours, and always trim the wick to about 6mm. She also runs candlemaking courses for small groups. But best of all is to visit her shop and meet her in person.


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