New York’s finest independent artisans

An e-cache of exceptional furniture, lighting and homewares

Two former New York financiers, Charlie Miner and John Neamonitis, drew on their impressive knowledge of the New York design scene to set up their e-venture, – a site for beautiful furniture, lighting and homewares that are all expertly crafted by independent designers and artists. Names include James Devlin, who works from a studio in Brooklyn to produce spare, modernist-inspired furniture such as a bronze and white marble Facet table ($3,200, second picture), and Souda, a young design studio making, among other things, series of porcelain vessels, each one individually slip-cast (Kawa small bowl, from $485, third picture).


Bringing artisans like these to the attention of consumers is Miner and Neamonitis’ central goal. “We make discovering new pieces easier and foster real connections between mindful buyers and independent creators,” they explain. “Our goal is to empower artisans to grow in their craft while providing impactful shopping experiences for our customers.”

Clicking on each designer’s logo brings up images of their work alongside a short biography. Calico, for example, is a Brooklyn-based wallpaper atelier specialising in gilded, metallic, marbled wallpapers, and its Wabi II design (price on request, first picture) is especially standout.


For those less well-versed in New York’s independent design scene (or who don’t have the time to visit each of the 69 makers profiled), the best way to shop is via the headers: beds, decor, lighting, seating, storage, tables and desks. The work is varied – Pelle’s blown-glass chandelier is all delicate glamour (Bubble chandelier, $1,800, fourth picture), while Stefan Rurak’s Saloon table with its scorched-wood top has a raw solidity ($5,000, fifth picture) – but what unites it all is the founders’ unfailing eye for true craftsmanship.

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