Earth Tu Face’s all natural skincare

Restorative concoctions from body butter to exfoliant masks

Elbows are one of those places that don’t often get much beauty attention, but when one of my children recently pointed out my “elephant-like” epidermis, I knew a solution was needed. After some online research, I discovered a brand called Earth Tu Face, a 100 per cent plant-based, all-natural skincare line – and its sumptuous Body Butter ($42 for 99g, first picture).

The butter’s main ingredient is high-quality organic virgin coconut oil, with non-GMO Vitamin E, sunflower-seed wax and cocoa butter packed in. Its restorative magic worked just after two applications, and I’ve started applying the luxurious oil on my legs, twice a day – it isn't cloying or heavy in the slightest – which leaves them feeling smooth and supple.


After success with this fatty acid-rich blend, I was enticed to try both the Skin Stick ($34, second picture) – an all-purpose balm specifically for the face and lips that is infused with geranium, vetiver and beeswax – and also the Exfoliant Powder Mask ($72, third picture). Ideal for sensitive skin like mine, the mask is a powder mixture of bentonite clay, oats and flower petals that is combined with water before use. It also has a winsome scent, thanks to lavender, rose and chamomile oils.

Earth Tu Face is the brainchild of California-based herbalists, Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm, who use only plant ingredients that are devoid of chemicals. Equally eco-friendly is the packaging, which uses compostable, reusable and recyclable containers, giving this green range of products a wonderfully, haute-hippie feel.