Nifty gifts at the click of a mouse

Seven departments packed with clever home and lifestyle products

New Year, new e-boutique. This latest addition to the virtual high street specialises in stylish home and lifestyle accessories and describes itself as a “nifty bookmark for the busy and thoughtful giver”. A few days ago, I was both very busy and in urgent need of a thoughtful birthday gift for my best friend, so I logged on to Unique & Unity, credit card in hand.


Half an hour later, I had visited each of the seven departments and purchased several extremely considerate gifts. In Brands (an impressive range of big international labels and smaller British names), I bought one of Jonathan Adler’s elegant White Bird Bowls (second picture, £68-£128) for the best friend and a charmingly nostalgic tea towel (“Take them to the Zoo” by Underground, £9) for my sister-in-law.


In Decorative Accessories, I found a collection of French posters that will brighten up my brother’s bachelor-pad kitchen wall (Le Thé print by Deyrolle, first picture, £27.50) and – most excitingly of all – in Tape, Cards and Notepads, I found masses of beautifully patterned “mt Washi” Masking Tape for myself (Wamon Pack, third picture, £20.50).

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