Cocktail Kingdom: über-chic barware

An online mecca for cocktail aficionados

Hawthorne and julep strainers, swizzle sticks and muddler-top spoons – all are essential kit for the professional bartender and can now be had at the click of the mouse from the aptly named Cocktail Kingdom. The one-stop-shop for all things related to the art of drinking specialises in barware that fuses contemporary or vintage design and functionality.


Cocktail Kingdom has myriad bar staples – ice trays (from $7), shakers (from $40) and tumblers (from $18) to name a few – but it is the unusual, design-led pieces that really stand out. Sculptural Hoffman bar spoons (from $20), for example, come in a range of sizes and finishes, while jiggers come in two styles, Japanese- or vintage-inspired (from $9 and $19 respectively), both of which are Cocktail Kingdom originals and available in various sizes (25cm Japanese design, second picture).

Glassware and mugs include an extra-large Yarai mixing jug ($50, third picture) that makes up to four drinks and is stocked alongside a set of matching glasses ($22.95 for six). The elegant Leopold coupe glasses come with either gold or silver ($141 for 24, fourth picture) metallic trims, while Danuta double-rocks glasses ($26) are beautifully simple. Substantial julep cups ($25) and Moscow Mule mugs ($15) are also out of the ordinary and allow the bartender to serve the blend as it was originally intended.


A range of assorted accessories will also be a boon for cocktail lovers: aluminium ice-ball makers (from $150, first picture) for perfect frozen orbs, artisanal bitters from Bittermens Boston Bittahs ($18), plus an extensive book section. And for true die-hards, there are even printed T-shirts ($15) and a stylish bartender utility bag ($595) with a matching leather roll-up ($135) to carry and store all one’s beloved tools.

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