Green Oak Furniture: wholesome, hand-hewn creations

Love seats and settles crafted from felled green oaks sourced from National Trust properties

Quercus robur: it’s the binomial name for green oak, and the species of timber that Marnie Moyle, a Berkshire-based artist, specialises in for her range of furniture. The lovely handmade pieces are sold in her delightful e-shop, Green Oak Furniture, where they are “designed to sit timelessly in the garden, throughout the seasons”. Moyle’s works also emphasise sustainability and the environment: all are free of chemical finishes or glues, save for “a little elbow grease, soap and water to create a finish that lets the oak breathe and retain its natural texture”.


The furniture is crafted from only English-grown, freshly felled green oak trees sourced from National Trust properties, and Moyle’s collection includes tables (sideboard, second picture) and chairs, as well as a range of benches – from the popular Simple (£840, third picture) to sculptural love seats (£3,200, first picture) and single-backed styles (from £1,200). Many items work both indoors and out, such as cosy, old-fashioned settle seats for two with high backs and sides (£3,335), which can also be upholstered, and tall, sleek tables (£3,200). There’s even a carved outdoor wooden fridge (£720), while smaller flourishes come in the form of hooks made from acorns and a range of finials (from £85), which can be customised for size and design.


Moyle will also hand-carve any of her pieces with a choice of words – including personal messages, poems or whimsical and amusing quotes, such as those seen on her signature swings (monkey style, £135, and adult, £365). Inscriptions can be made on the sides, underneath or both. “Yeee haaa” or “Geronimo”, anyone?

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