A personal service for beautiful surfaces

No surface is left untouched by this inventive designer

Emma Jeffs is best known as a maker of pretty white-frosted window films. But while these stick-on alternatives to net curtains provide most of her income, it’s the bespoke projects that really give her a creative buzz. “My passion is digital printing,” she says, “and that can be used in so many different ways.”

Of course, most bespoke clients are looking for a personalised version of the window films. Some are simply after one of her very pleasing designs in a different scale or colourway, while others come bearing pieces of fabric (vintage lace is a popular choice), photographs or drawings that Jeffs scans in, prints and cuts to size. The finished films are then sent out – and can be installed by anyone with a modicum of patience and a steady hand.


However, Jeffs is beginning to receive requests for more challenging projects too. Recent commissions include printed Perspex lampshades and a set of printed-glass doors for a record producer’s dressing room. “Glass gives such a wonderful concentration of colour,” she says, “and you can get an array of different effects in a single area.”

This project also led Jeffs to make her most exciting discovery yet – the machine that prints the glass can also print onto cupboard doors and that, she says, opens up all sorts of possibilities. Printed sideboard, anyone?


Prices start at £228 per sq m for film and £300 per sq m for glass. Lampshades start at £120.

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