A well-edited online collection of refined homewares

Understated elegance is the thread running through this e-store

Rowen & Wren is a newly launched lifestyle e-boutique and while the web is already full of niche stores selling nice things for our homes, there’s always room for another well-edited site. And Rowen and Wren, with its three separate but aesthetically cohesive collections, is nothing if not well edited.

The first of these collections is Distant Home, which is a minimal treasure trove of rather understated global finds (think contemporary with ethnic accents rather than full-on souk chic), such as the Arum Carved Stone Pendant Lights (first picture, £172 each) and an elegant Dayani button-back chair (£442).


Refined Rural is equally low key. The owners have taken rural to mean simple, functional and made from natural materials, and the result is a collection of elegantly pared-down pieces that would look perfectly at home in an urban penthouse (see the beautiful Arum Stoneware Dishes with Oak Lids, second picture, £108 each).

The inevitable vintage look comes in Timeless Living, but rather than compete with all those sites selling old furniture and accessories bearing the marks of history, Rowen and Wren has wisely gone for “new with a vintage vibe”. I found the Albury Desk Lamp (third picture, £172) with its retro curves and gleaming, scratch-free finish particularly tempting.


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