Candles that are a meeting of design minds

Jo Malone’s candles will burn so much brighter with these classic designs

For a much-loved brand like Jo Malone, which consists essentially of fragrance in bottles or in candles (though there is a small skincare line), the problem of how to refresh the interest of the customer isn’t easy to resolve. Of course, there are fans who want nothing to change, but there are others who are always looking for the new and the different. This explains the collaboration of Jo Malone with Ashley Hicks, the son of the late, great interior decorator David Hicks.


David Hicks was a designer who changed the face of the modern interior. He knew, like nobody else, how to make the modern look grand. He loved glamour, colour, and became famous for his geometric patterns. As is the way of things, he went out of fashion but he has been rediscovered in recent years – Tom Ford is an ardent fan. New fans seek out his interior decorating books on eBay. So Jo Malone is rather on the button in asking Ashley Hicks to go through his father’s archives and reinterpret three classic patterns for use on its candles.


There’s a lime green geometric Riviera pattern on the Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle (“transports me to summers in the Mediterranean”, says Ashley Hicks); a deep plum geometric Carnation print (this reflects the deep plums of his father’s study) for Pomegranate Noir; and Hicksonian (his father’s signature print, though this time in pale pink and grey) for Red Roses. They each sell for £38. And if you love the Hicks touch, check out Ashley’s own line of carpets, wallpaper and furniture.

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