Discovering the joy of specs

A jewellery box of fabulous spectacle frames

When I was first told I needed reading glasses, I put off buying a pair for nearly a year. Not only would they advertise that I had reached a certain age and stage, I thought they would also add years to my face. But since enlisting the services of Sveta and Ragini, I have a much sunnier outlook. How To Spend It’s Style Editor, Damian Foxe, discovered the pair when sourcing fabulous specs for a fashion shoot. The window of their shop in London’s Beauchamp Place is a jewellery box of artfully arranged frames which beckon you in.


Once inside, Sveta coaxes you in the manner of a good personal stylist, to try out different styles – including crazy frames just for fun – until you find something special. She has an impeccable eye for what suits different face shapes and eye colours and imports many of the highly original frames directly from the manufacturer.


My favourite pair – tortoiseshell with upswept rhinestone-studded wings (£300-£365, depending on the number of rhinestones) – frequently got me stopped in the street by strangers who wanted to buy a similar pair. Sadly they have been mislaid, and I now sport a Theo 1950s-inspired half-framed design in red titanium (pictured; priced from £275-£350). And once a year, Sveta’s business partner, the equally lovely Ragini, gives me the most attentive eye-test in town.

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