Predictably unpredictable

Rick Owens presents a strikingly unconventional furniture collection

A clutch of top fashion designers, such as Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, Paul Poiret and Rei Kawakubo, have ventured into furniture design at some stage in their careers. Paris-based Californian fashion designer Rick Owens is also among their illustrious ranks, finding fresh ways of expressing his signature style in the cut, volume and materials used to create an unconventional furniture collection, which goes on show in London on Thursday September 12.

Working with skilled Parisian craftsmen, Owens has produced a number of bold designs (prices on request) in his preferred monochrome palette. The contrast between blackened plywood, alabaster and the smoky hues of 500,000-year-old fossilised timber is a dramatic theme running through the collection. The shapes, meanwhile, loosely derive from historic furniture archetypes – the Curial chair (first picture, edition of eight) is an homage to traditional ceremonial chairs and the Daybed (edition of four) references Roman types, while the high-backed Boudeuse couch (edition of eight) recalls the intimacy of boudoir chaises longues.


More starkly architectural are the Trident seats (third picture, edition of eight), geometric Half Box chair (second picture, edition of eight), Onedent seat (edition of eight) and monumental Plug dining table in petrified wood and black plywood (edition of four). Owens’ black plywood screen (edition of 12) doubles as a wall alcove or sculpture, while an elegant lamp in white or black marble appears as totemic as a lighthouse.

Those who admire Owens’ chicly rebellious, starkly glamorous style and like their furnishings minimal, monumental and maverick will find much to enjoy.


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