The Dunn thing

A Rhode Island designer’s online collection of mid-century-modern-inspired furniture

Although only in the third year of working under his own brand, Studio DUNN, artist and designer Asher Dunn has a robust following – which is set to increase now that his mid-century-modern-inspired pieces can be bought from his chic online shop.

The Rhode Island-based designer has already received numerous honours, including Best New Designer at the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and his site gathers his collection together for a global clientele. Tables, chairs and shelving are hewn from sustainable American timber selected for their unique grain and colour; recycled metals such as brass, steel and aluminium play a key role in design; and the glass used is blown by local artisans using traditional skills. Joinery is exquisite and the finishes sleek. The result is a stunning Scandinavian-style simplicity.  


Scene-stealing are the lights, from a jellyfish-inspired Radiata pendant lamp in opal white or smoke-grey glass (first picture, $2,100 each) to a Sorenthia light ($790 each), a collection of which can be grouped in myriad configurations, creating a dynamic conceptual art piece.

Much of Studio DUNN’s furniture has been inspired by – and named after – New England towns and geography, such as an elegant Newport dining table (price on request) made from laminated walnut, cherry or ash, a bentwood Barrington chair (third picture, price on request), sleek Coventry stools (second picture, $530), Kingstown barstools ($890) and a streamlined Bristol console table ($2,980). Each could work equally well in relaxed or upscale settings. “The question of how you bring nature into your home is part of the overarching query I pose as a designer,” explains Dunn. Another of the site’s particular highlights is a hand-finished porcelain Quonset dish ($21) – a striking platter designed for sushi.


Its constantly changing inventory and limited-edition pieces make this an e-shop worth returning to again and again.