Wall important

An e-treasure trove of rare and beautiful handprinted papers

Patterned walls are joyous to behold, so wallpaper’s on-going popularity is to be applauded. But now the trend is so ubiquitous it is becoming increasingly tricky to keep ahead of one’s paper-buying friends.

However, thanks to e-boutique Wall-Library, fashion-forward folk can – for the moment – remain at the cutting edge by buying rare and beautiful handprinted papers designed by 25 of the world’s more exclusive designers, including several Americans whose creations have, until now, been unavailable in the UK.


There’s Judit Gueth, whose rich, art nouveau-inspired Peacock Jade print (second picture, £140 per roll) is right on trend; Jill Malek, with her urban take on the floral repeat, Sleeping Briar Rose Noir (£145 per roll); and Palace Papers, with its decorative Coy Silverfish (£140 per roll).


The roll call of lesser-known but hugely talented British designers is impressive, too, and wallpaper aficionados will recognise the names as representing the very best of UK wallpaper talent. Toile fans will love Emma Malony’s Beastly Chronicles collection (£65 per roll), which depicts scenes from seven of Saki’s incredible tales, while anyone looking for a witty print with which to decorate the cloakroom should consider The Bowler by ATADesigns (first picture, £160 per roll).

The site offers two ways to shop, by designer or colour. Either way, a visit here isn’t to be hurried as choosing wallpaper is a serious business and time should be allowed to look carefully for fear of missing a gem, such as the charming Circus by Loboloup (£115 per roll). And with on-screen colour representation being what it is, ordering samples is highly recommended. Visit soon, and keep it under wraps.

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