Chelsea townhouses with all the trimmings

The Chelsea Barracks development includes 13 properties that are higher, wider and deeper than anything else available nearby

London’s Chelsea Barracks includes 13 substantial townhouses, from £37m
London’s Chelsea Barracks includes 13 substantial townhouses, from £37m | Image: Qatari Diar

London’s Chelsea, which started life as a village outpost, later became renowned for its residents’ creative flair. This bohemian past has left it with a domestic offering largely composed of picturesque cottages and slimline terraces, so the addition of 13 new acres on the Chelsea/Belgravia border should prove happy news for some. Here, on the site of what was formerly Chelsea Barracks, they’ll find a myriad of expansive apartments, a host of garden squares, up-to-the minute shopping and the latest in relaxation. For the space‑starved, however, the star attraction will undoubtedly be the townhouses. Higher, wider, deeper than virtually anything else available locally, the 13 freehold properties ( and; from £37m) will range in size from 8,000 to 15,000sq ft and come with their own private gardens, roof terraces, swimming pools, staff accommodation and underground parking.


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