A chic cache of cosy cashmere

A Mongolian designer’s online treasure trove of featherweight finds and sumptuous spreads

It sometimes seems like winter has little to recommend it, but the freezing temperatures do offer the perfect excuse for cocooning oneself in cashmere. Buying from Oyuna means that the cocoon can be created without even setting foot outside, as Mongolian designer Oyuna Tserendorj and her team of “international cashmere lovers” have created a website that sells super-soft, top-end cashmere for both the person and the home.

The fashion offering consists of a seasonal line of wardrobe essentials (from £295) – cardigans, pullovers, jackets, coats and a rather chic dress cut with a twist to create a flattering, close-fitting drape (Isha dress, £595) – along with a selection of loungewear (from £449). Tempting accessories for men and women include gloves with witty, coloured ring bands (Ring gloves, first picture, £79) and the rather dashing Kuadro men’s shawl (£349). There is also a range of fine shawls for women (from £349).


On the home front, the focus is on that most versatile of household accessories, the throw. There is the Gallery Throws range (from £575), described as “bold experiments in simplicity” and featuring the richly coloured Tundra throw (£799) and double-sided, two-colour Dia throws (£575). There is also the Timeless Throws collection (from £649, Etra throws in second picture) for lovers of all things classic and super-fine, and the Featherweight Throws line (from £449), designed to be layered one on top of another, and which includes the colourful, graphic Spektra (third picture, £595). There are matching Spektra cushion covers (from £199) and a range of sumptuous woven bedspreads with wide contrast-colour borders (Etra bedspread, £1,350).

Oyuna knows that when it comes to luxury retailing, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Of note is the thin leather strap that comes with the travel throw and serves as both a carry handle when the throw is rolled up and as a shape-giving belt when it’s being worn (from £475). This website is a true travel essential.