An e-shop where mirrored minimalism reigns

Pared-down designs for the desk, dressing table and dining room

“Small,stark and simple” is the MO of Minimalux, a UK-based e-shop full of moderncollections for the desk and home, as well as an assortment of sleek personalaccessories. In an era of mega websites with vast product ranges, itis refreshing to find such a beautiful alternative featuring a small andwell-edited selection of items in elegant finishes.  

Thesite is pared down in all respects, and the capsule collection can be viewed onjust one page. Making the strongest impression is the Brass Band (second picture, £150), asmooth ring of spun metal that, when placed on a surface, becomes a gracefulenclosure for anything from fruit to festive decorations. This mirror-polished sculptural band makes a chic centrepiece whose reflective lustre charmingly fades over time. In honour of its name, each purchase comes with a specially commissioned, downloadable track by composer TimCrompton. Stylish Trio rings (£39-£125), in rich copper or silver, can be used with napkins, eggs or tea lights, while U-shaped candleholders(third picture, £175), in stainless steel and brass, are crafted from single lengths of metaltubing.


Other luxurious tabletop accessories, made from borosilicate glass with layers of silver and copper, include laboratory-inspiredconical vases in varying sizes (first picture, £175-£325) and round-bottom vessels (also in first picture, £175), as well as polished copper test-tube pill boxes (£115).  

Complementing these are super-slick desk accoutrements: Dish60(£59), a shallow bowl made of precision machined and anodised aluminium in richjet, rose, ruby and cobalt hues, together with brass pen pots (£195),sculptural pen rests (£59) and elegant, ergonomic ballpoint pens (£75). Meanwhile, striking jewellery – the Zero pendantsand bangles (£120-£550) – makes simple, timeless statements.


The brand’s Brancusi-cum-Elsa Perretti aesthetic is a real find for those whoappreciate minimalist luxury.