Venetian glass artist lights up Willer gallery

Stunning one-off artworks by Massimo Micheluzzi

If you are Venetian-born and choose to make the city your home, it’s inevitable that its art, architecture and ambience will seep into your soul. Demonstrating this clearly is a selling exhibition (June 22 to July 30) at London’s Willer gallery by the renowned Venetian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi, which offers British collectors an opportunity to acquire an exceptional, one-off piece from an artist whose work is displayed in permanent museum collections globally including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Musee Des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

Micheluzzi’s latest collection marries a contemporary aesthetic with centuries-old “murrina” glass-making techniques. The 25 new pieces (£3,600 to £3,900) are inspired by the Venetian mosaics and terrazzo floors in palazzos and churches. Also included in the exhibition are vessels (£1,800 to £2,900) created by Micheluzzi using a range of other traditional Venetian glass techniques including monochrome, cold-carved and large-scale sommerso work.


It’s as if Micheluzzi has taken a handful of La Serenissima and sprinkled its essence over the bold forms of these eye-catching vessels and vases, making their mosaic patterns shimmer with jewel-bright colours. The distinctive presence of just one these pieces would turn heads in any interior, period or contemporary.


“My work recalls the atmosphere of Venice, the lagoon, the silvery waterways, the cloudy skies,” says Micheluzzi. “The close contact with this environment is an inspiration and I use glass to convey a feeling of motion. For me, the local glass tradition was a natural part of my roots and I wanted to explore it and develop a more contemporary interpretation. Glass is a complex and surprising material. There’s a form of alchemy involved in working with this material and countless secrets to be discovered.”

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