Spectacle frames that are both retro and contemporary

Glasses that don’t make a spectacle of themselves

So profoundly did I used to hate wearing glasses that I muddled along for years with slightly blurred vision caused by uncomfortable contact lenses that refused to fit correctly in my astigmatic eyes. Then I happened upon The Eye Company in London’s Soho and its inspired owner, Steenie, who, with his unparalleled range of unusual glasses, turned me on to the joy of specs.

What’s brilliant about his store is that he constantly searches out the best new thing in eyewear. And I don’t mean the newest ranges from the big fashion houses, as he doesn’t rate them. Instead he stocks only what he sees as proper optical brands. His latest find comes from the Danish brand Orgreen, and is a really clever combination of retro styling with a super modern finish.


Called Xander, it is essentially two pairs of glasses in one. The inner frame is made from titanium with an acetate outer layer bonded on top. It’s a complex process, which carries a pretty hefty price tag of £330. But the result is a hardwearing yet lightweight pair of glasses, which capture that sense of retro styling that is so on-trend right now but without making you look as if you’ve come from an episode of Joe 90.

The frame comes in six colour combinations. Very few products manage to successfully make retro styling appear contemporary. But this is definitely one.


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