A high-visibility jacket-cum-training aid for running and cycling

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you cycle or run, this new, cleverly conceived, beautifully designed and made new British product, developed by an ex-Royal Marine, could be exactly what you need without realising it, because it hasn’t previously existed. Glofaster is wearable technology, and although the noise about wearables – some interesting, some silly – may have become a bit wearing, bear with me.


Glofaster could save your life by preventing you from being hit by a car, and having saved it could then extend it by helping you get fit. It’s a sturdy but comfortable jacket made of a tough, squidgy material with flexible tubes of bright-red LEDs sewn onto its front, back and arms. In the basic version these act as a safety aid, and a very effective one too since they light up like a Christmas tree. But in the enhanced model, the jacket connects to your iPhone (concealed in a special pocket) and becomes a training aid that signals to you, by making your arm lights flash, when, for instance, you are running or cycling too slowly. Add a Bluetooth heart-rate sensor (which Glofaster doesn’t supply, but many are readily available) and you become a mobile fitness ecosystem – you can even race against friends in different parts of the world, analysing your fitness as you go.

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