Van Nahmen’s fruit juices make detoxing a joy

Detoxing takes on a chic and delicious new flavour

I always feel guilty at hotel breakfasts for avoiding the healthy corner where juices and detox shots of all colours stand looking smug. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, though, something caught my eye at the Waldorf Astoria and I broke old habits by pouring out a pale-pink and beautifully clear nectar from the attractive range of wine-sized bottles on display. It was the label that reeled me in with its picture of rhubarb, which was sufficiently unusual to be intriguing, but having had one glass I went back for several more.

Producer Van Nahmen, it transpires, has created a treasure trove of juices, nectars and ciders (from £6). Nine different types of apple juice include both organic and single variety – such as Jonagold or Cox’s Orange Pippin – while for the pear juice, the brand uses Williams Christ, guaranteeing a sweet, delicate spiciness. For the three grape juices, it has developed a special method that makes it possible to press single varieties of German grapes. More unusual bottles contain the juices of bilberry, elderberry, plum and cherry. Apple ciders, meanwhile, are available sweet or dry.


Van Nahmen’s pressed-fruit nectar range also comprises Constantinople quince, redcurrant, gooseberry, blackcurrant, apricot and white peach, but the rhubarb is truly delicious. Flavourful and cleansing at the same time, it comes from the Frambozenrood and Sutton varieties.

Although the white-peach juice must make the most perfect Bellini when mixed with prosecco, for those for whom January is detox month, I can’t recommend enough jumping onto the Van Nahmen wagon – its delights are such that you will easily be kept enraptured until day 31.


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