Spa Junkie at… the clinic of Dr Dray

Turns out there's a lot of bruising in the war on cellulite…

Image: Jay Yeo

In Part Two, Spa Junkie enlisted backup aid in her cellulite fight – courtesy of an über-masseuse.


I’m in the twice-weekly groove, as Tetyana performs the deep-tissue massage combined with lymphatic drainage and a unique cupping technique – she rubs a little cup with force up and down the fat areas, which, according to her, lifts the connective tissue and brings hydration and blood flow to the surface. The excess fluids and toxins are drained, thanks to the opening of lymphatic pathways. The massage also promotes blood and oxygen circulation back into what Tetyana politely refers to as my “problem areas”. The overall purpose is to help contour the body and – combined with the mesotherapy – significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. I leave feeling suitably drained and pummelled each time. It is a gift that keeps on getting better, and I love her warrior approach.


My last session of mesotherapy with Dr Dray, and both of us are extremely relieved that the treatment has worked, thanks to the combination of injections and Tetyana’s massage skills. The swollen and lumpy bits are things of the past. And by now it’s an easy routine; I’m in and out in 15 minutes.

Then I’m back at Neville, the home-away-from-home, does-it-all beauty salon for the Chelsea set, and up on the third floor, where Tetyana – or “the slayer”, as I’ve taken to calling her – resides. Today, in addition to the shaping massage, she adds a hot algae body wrap, which helps flush out the fatty acids and toxins that have been shifted during the massage; it tones the skin, too, and also has a relaxing effect, which is a quite heavenly change to the pummelling.



I’m done. I’ve lost nearly 3cm from each thigh and as a by-product of the massage (which extended up to my waist) I have a trimmer waist and tummy, too. And I have a face that continues to subtly defy gravity, as well as a youthful glow. It’s been a long and, on occasion, rocky road, but I am so happy with my mini non-surgical face- and body-lift that I’ve already forgotten the prickly injections, slaying and bruising I had along the way.


I am now a resolute fan of Dr Dray’s miracle Crown Lift; my face looks fresher and younger but totally natural, without a hint of being “done”. As for my thighs, I am pleased with the end results – but they were not achieved as quickly or as easily as I had expected. For me, mesotherapy on the body only worked in conjunction with the massage and I think, on balance, I should have put down my fork, cut down on wine and caffeine, taken a few more Pilates classes and booked a course of Tetyana’s body-sculpting massage. Scientific advances may help us look younger than ever, but old-fashioned remedies can still punch above their weight.

The next instalment of Chronicles of a Spa Junkie will be published on Tuesday May 15.

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