Spa Junkie at… the Revere clinic, London

Tired of looking tired, our undercover reporter seeks out “Ping”, an eye-bag and fine-line zapping solution on Harley Street

I’m not alone in being overly concerned with the shadows and lines under my eyes, and I can count no less than 16 nearly new or half-used pots of creams and tubes of gels in my bathroom that claim to transform my olhos, ojos, yeux, occhi and even my gözleri. The truth is that I have purchased a little “jar of hope” in virtually every country I have visited this year – but still can’t seem to find anything that works.

Tired of looking tired, I decide to ditch the beauty counters in search of a solution on Harley Street. At the Revere clinic they perform Ping, a non-surgical eye lift.

Dr Sach Mohan’s clinic has all the features one would expect from a Harley Street practice: high ceilings, wooden floors and sumptuous furnishings. However, what many others lack is the jolly tea-party atmosphere in the waiting-cum-treatment room.

Dr Mohan prides himself on his practice culture. In these modern times, getting your face resurfaced with a laser and remoulded with a filler is as quick and easy as getting a blow dry (in fact, my hair sessions at Rossano Ferretti can take a bit longer) and the set up here is open-plan – more akin to a beauty parlour experience. Dr Mohan takes pleasure in introducing his (mainly female) patients to each other; they sit on the sofa and have a natter and compare results while someone else is attended to on the treatment bed.

I wonder what happened to good old-fashioned privacy? “Out with tradition,” says Dr Mohan as he introduces me to the patient who is already gelled up and on the bed and will soon be having the EndyMed Glow facial resurfacing treatment.

As we speak about my upcoming treatment – Ping – I hear the bleeping of the radio-frequency machine behind me. Dr Mohan beams with excitement as we talk about his latest anti-ageing solution. “Right now, I am doing more Ping than Botox.” He explains that Ping is a unique procedure using the EndyMed platform – a radio-frequency hand-held device for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and improving thin and delicate skin by heating the layers to stimulate collagen production, which firms and tightens.

He then starts poking and pulling at the skin that hangs heavy on my eyelids and says, “This hooding will be pulled pack to improve the eye contour. Ping will also tighten and smooth the lines and little crow’s feet developing on the sides of the eyes.”

Dr Mohan says that he is already seeing great results for hooding, sagging and wrinkles in one to three sessions. There will be redness and swelling for about two to three days, however, so he suggests I make time to lie low. Hopefully I'll be “thrilled with the results”, which will start showing by day 12 but continue to improve over the next month.

Before I hop on the bed, my eyes are caked in a cool, thick anaesthetic gel. Dr Mohan fires up the machine and gets to work, pushing the head of the device deep into the creased areas around my eyes. The laser head is about as big as my pinky nail and its pulses are a fraction of a second. There’s a familiar beeping sound as the radio-frequency machine controls the energy flowing between the hand-held electrodes that are heating the deeper layers of skin. The gel slides off my face as the device heats my skin.

This is certainly more painful than the EndyMed Glow. It’s more like the old days of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – I cant help but jerk at every blast. It’s a short, sharp pain that feels like a hot flick of a rubber band. After roughly 12 zaps we are done.


The patches around my eyes look red and the swelling has already started – as predicted.

I don my Victoria Beckham-style sunnies as I head out.

The bottom line:

Over the next few days, the redness is more defined and there are little squares of swollen skin. A closer glance reveals clusters of little dots, which is where the laser has sent heat through the skin.

It takes a good seven days for the redness and swelling to go down and it is closer to two weeks before things are completely calm and I start seeing the results. I am pleased.

The hooding above my eyes has lifted – it is not gone completely, but it has certainly been pulled back, giving my eyes a wider, more open appearance. With two follow-up treatments, I can see how this would really make an impact.

As for under my eyes, I can see an improvement in my crow’s feet, which are less deeply lined, while the skin seems thicker (less papery) and plumper.

Overall, Ping is quick, the pain is short-lived and although there is downtime, it is nothing compared to surgery. I’d give yourself three to four weeks before a big event to be safe, as it takes time to heal and the results to reveal.  

Comparatively speaking, this treatment is also easy on the wallet if you compare it to either surgery or the millions of pots of expensive cream that stack up in the bathroom cabinet.

Spa Junkie pays for all her own travel, therapies and accommodation.