Spa Junkie visits… The Modern Day Wizard

Can hopping between red and yellow rags really lead our intrepid reporter to business enlightenment?

After an emotionally draining Q&A and some brutal home truths, its time for a spiritual shakedown…

Andrew instructs me to stand next to a square of red blanket on the floor. This, he says, represents the energy of my closed heart. This is my inauthentic masculine energy. “It is where you do all that frantic achieving but you never embody your success in a way that enables you to relax,” he says. I step on to the blanket and am told to observe what is happening in my body. It feels tight, restrictive. Andrew says that my breathing is shallow. I have a sense of exhaustion. But it also feels safe in many ways. It is pure control.

As I stand on the blanket, I realise that this is exactly where I am stuck: I want to be open to my true feminine essence but I do not know how. I am told to step off the blanket and jump around the room. I have to “shake the energy off”, according to Andrew, who says it is “very sticky”. As I hop around the room a few tears run down my face. The deeply personal discussions we had earlier delved into some raw and painful issues – traversing anger, hate, resentment, disappointment and heartbreak – and shaking them off feels emotional.

Next I stand beside a yellow blanket. “This is the energy of the authentic feminine,” explains Andrew. “Rather than a ‘doing’ energy, it is a ‘being’ energy. It is about opening the heart wide and receiving. It is an incredibly powerful energy that is potent without being aggressive. It is the seat of all creativity.”

I am invited to step on to the blanket and let this energy wash over me. The first thing I am aware of is a profound stillness. I can see that it is easy to rest in this energy. Andrew speaks to me and when I answer he reports that my voice has slowed down considerably. He says that I am much more in tune with my body. 

We look at what it would be like creating a work project using this energy. Andrew says that he can sense energy flowing up and down my body. I experience a fresh feeling of movement. Nothing is stuck. He explains that many businesswomen have a fear of channelling a feminine essence at work as they worry that they won’t be taken seriously. In fact, he says, the opposite is true – coming from an open, feminine place is incredibly powerful. People listen to a woman, or a man, with “true power”, as opposed to those harnessing an aggressive or manipulative force that is a front for insecurity and neediness.


The session comes to an end and I’m given homework, but warned that I have to watch my incessant drive. Andrew tells me that every morning I should stand for 2 or 3 minutes on a tea towel and feel my inauthentic masculine energy – the familiar sentiments of “I am too busy”, “I am stressed” and “I am striving to make it all happen”. Then I must shake it out and stand in a space dedicated to authentic feminine energy. This is the place of receiving, allowing and trusting in my feminine power. Andrew suggests that I try and harness this before meetings.

As I leave, I ask when I should come back, but Andrew shakes his head. This is a one-time-only session where he creates an alchemical shift in energy – I am good to go.

I leave feeling calm, centred and with a new clarity. I have accessed a new inner stillness.

The bottom line:

When I arrived, I felt that I had lost a part of myself, my feminine business side, and The Modern Day Wizard helped me to re-access it. It really was a corrective emotional experience (CEE). When I look back on the session, it all seems very simple – yet it was also profound. Andrew holds the space for you to reconnect with your own inner wisdom. His skill is that he is intuitive but practical.

In the weeks since, I have been using the technique before meetings to great effect. Andrew’s simple tool to adjust my behaviour has been really helpful – both personally and in business.