Spa Junkie on... Lomax Red Carpet Ready

Can a massage treatment and a detox wrap give our weary reporter a much-needed morale boost?

Image: Getty Images/Gallo Images

Spa Junkie is undertaking a strict seven-day regime to sculpt her body into red-carpet condition. In Part One, she ploughed through hard-core workouts and adjusted to the meal plan. Now past the programme’s halfway point, her energy levels have taken a dive.

Day 5

7am: I tuck into porridge with stewed apple, cinnamon, flaked almonds and coconut milk.

8am: time for 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio – this time I opt for power-walking. My muscles are stiff from yesterday’s RealRyder class and I feel weary.

11am: I devour my mid-morning snack of mackerel paté with oatcakes in three minutes flat.

1pm: the roast chicken with Lomax’s signature ratatouille and wild rice is beyond delicious, and the carbs thankfully boost my energy levels.

5:30pm: the lower-body weight-training session focuses on my legs, bum and core. It’s the same routine as Day 1, only this time the squats and lunges don’t cause me to grimace quite as badly.

7pm: I’m treated to a bespoke Body Rebalance massage treatment with a heavenly Moroccan rose oil designed to lift the spirit and soothe the mind. I’m hoping it will carry me through the final two days.

8:30pm: salmon and sweet potato fishcakes with green salad for dinner. I’m tired, tired, tired.


Day 6

7am: today’s menu and exercise plan are the same as on Day 2, starting off with a breakfast of Bircher muesli.

8am: my second Reformer Pilates session at the gym has me working my core like crazy and is hugely rewarding – I vow never to do standard Pilates ever again.

11am: hummus with mixed crudités.

1pm: sea bass ceviche and gazpacho soup.

5:30pm: round two of the Lomax Super 10 Cardio Training. I repeat the assault course from Day 2 and this time I manage to do eight exercise sets (as opposed to only six), although I can barely walk down the stairs afterwards.

7pm: I opt for the Ren Body Contouring Detox Wrap, which is supposed to help keep cellulite at bay and soothe my post-CrossFit body. I am cocooned in a hot infrared blanket infused with salts and caffeine for one hour. My face and scalp are massaged using Ren oils, while the caffeine works to accelerate my metabolism and promote circulation, meaning the excess fats in the body are burnt faster. I love the soothing warmth of the wrap and find myself drifting off to sleep halfway through.  

My skin feels incredibly soft, and ever so slightly more toned. I can’t immediately see the impact on my cellulite (noticeable results can take a few days), but I feel like I have lost some of the water retention around my thighs. I’ve heard this treatment requires more than one pop for it to be really effective, though, and most people do two or three sessions.

8:30pm: as I enjoy a meal of poached salmon with roasted vegetables, I start to wonder how I am going to manage to cater for myself – without Lomax bespoke – ever again.

Spa Junkie’s been cocooned, cosseted and contoured – but will the bootcamp deliver on the red-carpet promise? Check back on December 1.