Qatar’s passion for racing

The Qatari royal family is now a racing superpower, challenging the hegemony of the Maktoums and Coolmore Stud – the race to dominate is on. Jamie Reid reports

Goodwood’s refurbished Hound Lodge

Goodwood’s historic “greatest chase there ever was” inspired luxury accommodations for its most prized participants – the hounds. Now, one has been reimagined as a country home-away-from-home, and the hunt reprised to herald its opening. Simon de Burton reports

Collecting Iso Grifo

With a mere 413 built, new fans will have to keep an eagle eye out for the car named after the mythical king of beasts, says Simon de Burton

A fairer way?

Golf At Goodwood has finessed a pay-as-you-play credits system that makes membership more attractive to time-poor players. Could it become par for the course, asks John Gibb

Changing gear

An aristocratic player in global motorsports is about to launch a luxury clothing line. Simon de Burton talks to Lord March about the business of sustaining the Goodwood estate and why his collaboration with Belstaff is an “obvious fit”. Portrait by David Ellis