Formula One


The uncannily realistic Classic Race Simulator

A new race-car simulator enables fans of historic racing to “drive” around 400 classic cars on any track in the world. Simon de Burton fires up a sublime replica of a 1960s Grand Prix car and hits the Monaco circuit

Out on a Limbic

This chair fools the body into thinking it is walking, enhances mood, concentration and creativity – and is being test driven by an F1 team. Jonathan Margolis reports

Back in the groove

With a rebirth of the glamorous 1960s heyday of Formula One comes a design aesthetic that cuts across both men’s and women’s fashion. Location Goodwood Revival. Styling by Damian Foxe. Photographs by Yuval Hen

Magnate opus

At 35kg and 850 pages, “The Bernie” is the ultimate tome on Formula One, with hundreds of never-before-seen photographs – and unparalleled access, for its owner and three guests, to all 2014 races. The book’s straight-talking namesake tells Simon de Burton why it is worth the $1m reserve price. Photograph by Jude Edginton

Covered in glory

Inspired by the head-turning, hand-painted helmets of the F1 set, speed demons off the grid are commissioning their own highly personalised bespoke headgear