Heart Ibiza

Ferran and Albert Adrià and Cirque du Soleil stage an extravaganza

Can the combination of art, music, gastronomy and immersive performance equal more than the sum of their parts? The Adrià brothers (Ferran and Albert) and founder of Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberté (all pictured) certainly hope so. These icons of the restaurant and theatrical scenes are aiming to pull off a feat to rival their lauded respective previous ventures (ElBulli not least among them) as they reveal their anticipated new project, Heart Ibiza, which opens on June 30 and runs for the summer months.

The result of 10 years of creative discussions between the trio, Heart is located in Ibiza’s luxurious five-star Gran Hotel, offering a multisensory spectacle celebrating art in all its forms. An Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole experience awaits guests within its Patricia Urquiola-designed interiors – mirrored ceilings, playful oversized chairs and metallic accents set the scene for two alternative dining concepts. Upstairs, the Terrace is an ambient street-food extravaganza (€80 cover price, drinks sold separately) with colourful “market stalls” serving a range of bite-sized dishes from different global cuisines. Downstairs, the 160-seat restaurant, Supper, also showcases flavours from around the world in the wittily sophisticated fashion that has become the Adrià brothers’ signature (€150 cover price, drinks sold separately). Diners select from a range of set menus – each themed around the cuisine of a different country – with a series of dishes designed for sharing.

Pioneering technology and powerful choreography make for a dynamically immersive experience; site-specific live performances by the Cirque du Soleil team pop up around diners as they eat, while in the main restaurant interior Miguel Chevalier’s digital artworks Liquid Pixels 2015 and Fractal Flowers 2015 are projected across both an entire wall and glass boxes filled with performers, in a hypnotic display of endlessly shifting colours, shapes and animations that respond interactively to performers’ movements.

Chevalier’s striking work is just one of a number of avant-garde art installations at Heart, curated in collaboration with galleries Ventana Contemporary Ibiza and Art Projects Ibiza. Also on show are Takashi Murakami’s hyperfuturistic paintings and sculptures, alongside digital and conceptual works by the artists Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Jeppe Hein and UVA (all of which are for sale, price on request).


As the evening unfolds, the music, performances and visual displays pick up tempo, evolving organically into an intimate club environment (€50 surcharge) featuring an ever-changing roster of live acts and DJs from around the world.

The combined effect promises to be nothing short of breathtaking: a dynamic interplay of inventive cuisine, charged physical theatre, musical virtuosity and visual spectacle whose fusion adds new layers to each of its components. It looks like this talented trio will hit the mark once more.

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